Accident Recovery with Aquatic Therapy

Physical Rehabilitation Using Aquatic Therapy

Individuals who have been involved in an accident may not be able to perform certain activities or exercises due to their injuries. Aquatic therapy can help. It allows a person to exercise without placing additional stress on the body. Water supplies a limited amount of resistance and will help a person regain their strength at a pace that is conducive to healing. The simple act of moving through the water can be beneficial. The level of activity can be gradually increased as time passes without fear of reinjuring the area or causing discomfort.

The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy when used for physical rehabilitation offers many benefits. The warmth of the water is extremely relaxing and reduce tension in sore, stiff muscles. Because water resists movement, it forces the muscles to work using minimal force. The resistance is equal to the force used to create movement. If a person cannot lift or move a large amount of weight, aquatic therapy is ideal. Water also supports the body preventing the person from becoming fatigued. It allows them to move at their own pace and uses the body’s own force to help achieve the desired result.

At Oxford Rehab, our highly trained staff uses various forms of exercise when it comes to physical rehabilitation after an accident. Aquatic therapy is extremely useful for individuals who have limited range of motion and problems with mobility. It offers many advantages to those who may not be able to properly support themselves enough to perform regular exercise. Call our office today to find out how our professional staff can help you regain your strength and improve your range of motion. We can help you hasten your recovery with a physical rehabilitation plan that is will meet your individual needs. 

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident and your mobility or range of motion is limited, could aquatic therapy be what you need to get back on track?



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