Knee Pain and How We Can Help

Knee pain is one of the most common debilitating ailments and affects thousands of adults throughout the country. It is often caused by wear and tear emanating from daily chores like standing, bending, lifting, and walking. Sports athletes and athletic people who engage in vigorous exercises like quick pivoting or jumping are more susceptible to knee pain issues. The common causes of knee pain are due to injury, aging, or repeated stress on or around the knee.

If you are suffering from knee pain, our team at Oxford Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia is here to get you back to living pain-free.

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Causes of Knee Pain

Knee pain complications can arise from mechanical problems, injuries, arthritis, and other issues. Knee pain ranges from mild to chronic. In most cases, chronic pain requires thorough treatment to eliminate the problem. It's also imperative to note that overweight or obese people are at high risk of developing knee complications. A knee joint comprises bone, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons that can be injured and inflamed. We often see patients with knee sprains, usually resulting from falls or collisions from physical activities.

How Our Chiropractors Can Help

Our chiropractors will help eliminate the need for painkillers for your knee pain. We will conduct a diagnostic examination to find the cause of your pain. From there, we can start aligning your knee joint through the use of a variety of therapeutic techniques for treatment. Another essential component of our knee pain treatment is to decrease inflammation.

We use electrical muscle stimulation to help reduce swelling. Once your swelling has been reduced, we will be able to restore your knee joint function. Chiropractic manipulation is used to help recover mobilization. Our professionals also use deep tissue treatments depending on the patient's conditions. We will work with you to help regain strength in the knee with our stretching and strengthening exercises.

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If you are suffering from knee pain in Philadelphia, our team at Oxford Rehabilitation Center is here to help. We offer corrective pain relief care to restore your body to its optimal level. No matter if you just had an injury or if you've had knee pain for quite some time, we can provide you with the treatment you need. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your knee pain.