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Welcome to Oxford Rehabilitation Center! We have been serving Philadelphia and the surrounding areas for 20 years! Our Philadelphia center is focused on helping our patients recover from their surgical procedures, trauma, work-related injuries, sport-related injuries, or from auto accident injuries. Rather than simply covering up the symptoms, we find the root of the problem and treat it properly. We offer a variety of treatment options to our patients, and we'll work with you to insure you are receiving the best results possible. We know that no two injuries are the same, and we pride ourselves on the fact that we treat each patient as an individual.

Our Great Business Comes With Great Doctors

  • Dr. Marc C. Cohen- He is board certified by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians on Chiropractic Sports Medicine. Dr. Cohen can help you with all of your chiropractic needs, such as providing you a thorough exam of your health and providing you a treatment plan just for your needs.
  • Dr. Wendy Wang- She is certified in Acupuncture by NCCAOM and she has obtain her degree in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University. Dr. Wang can help you treat your health conditions, like frozen shoulder and arthritis through acupuncture and physical therapy.
  • Dr. Zohar Stark- He has a medical degree from University of Milan and is an orthopedic surgeon. If you have an orthopedic injury, Dr. Stark can provide you a comprehensive program to fit your needs.

Our Services

At our rehabilitation center, we provide a variety treatment options. It's important to us that we relieve your pain in the safest, fastest, and most effective way possible. Our services include:

  • Chiropractic Care: We use a variety of chiropractic disciplines to provide healing and pain relief for those who suffer from trauma, automobile injuries, work-related injuries, sports injuries, and any other injuries.

  • Physical Therapy: We can make a custom program for you. You can start feeling relief sooner by using our therapeutic performances. We treat conditions that are directly related to the normal aging process, such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

  • Acupuncture: The use of needles sounds terrifying, however, acupuncture is encourage and beneficial to your nerves and tissues. This approach is to help you with any headaches, neck pains, and lower back pains.

  • Aquatic Therapy: If you suffer from an injury that can difficult to treat on land, then using our aquatic approach is best for you.

  • Kinesio Taping: This technique is to increase your joint motion and posture. If you have a sport-related injury, this is right for you.

  • Ultrasound: We believe in using a variety of modalities to heal your injury and pain. We use ultrasound to increase blood flow to muscle tissue, ligaments, and tendons, often providing fast and safe pain relief.

  • Massages: By using our massage therapy approach, we can give you that chiropractic care to relief you from musculoskeletal pain.

We believe in keeping your body as strong and healthy as possible to help you prevent future injuries from occurring.

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Whether you are in need of care for any injury, an age-related condition, or from post-surgical pain, Oxford Rehabilitation Center is here to help you restore your body to its natural, pain-free state. Our experience staff speaks a number of languages to help us accommodate all patients. Schedule an appointment online or by calling our Philadelphia office at 215-725-2000 today. We are excited to help you and your family with all of your injury treatment needs. 

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  • ""Thank you to Dr. Marc Cohen and his fantastic staff! You are greatly appreciated!""
    ~ Angela Malick