Fibromyalgia Chiropractic Care from a Philadelphia Chiropractor

If you suffer from unexplained neck pain, back pain and low back pain that is accompanied by joint inflammation, muscle pain, general malaise and restlessness, then you may have a condition called fibromyalgia. Medical science has yet to explain exactly what causes this painful, chronic condition that affects millions of Americans. What is known is that it related to fibrositis, which is inflammation of one’s fibrous connective tissues that predominantly causes stiffness and spinal pain. However, our Philadelphia chiropractor at the Oxford Rehabilitation Center makes it their mission to get to the bottom of your pain.

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Customized Fibromyalgia Treatment in Philadelphia

Our chiropractic care team truly cares about helping you get to the core of your chronic pain issues with specialized fibromyalgia treatment in Philadelphia. During a comprehensive, no-obligation consultation, you’ll be asked a series of questions concerning your health history, whether you’ve been in an accident and we’ll also inquire about your general lifestyle. This information along with a physical examination will get us closer to identifying the source of your discomfort. This is the first essential step to getting you long-term pain relief, regardless of the underlying cause.

Chiropractic Care Treatment Options from Our Chiropractor in Philadelphia

Our chiropractor in Philadelphia uses only non-invasive, holistic techniques that don’t require surgical procedures or prescription medication for pain. The goal of chiropractic care is to work with your body in order to provide lasting, long-term relief for your pain while helping you gain strength in core areas to prevent future injuries. Some of our most effective chiropractic care treatments for fibromyalgia at Oxford Rehabilitation Center include:

Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment Techniques—Aligned spines are the key to a healthier body and a pain-free life. Our chiropractic adjustment techniques allow us to gently manipulate the spine, which relieves pressure from impinged nerve endings that source pain and block vital communications from the rest of the body. Adjustments can provide tremendous relief to fibromyalgia sufferers.

Aquatic Therapy—Aquatic therapy utilizes the buoyancy of water to help support weakened muscles, allowing patients to focus on attaining greater flexibility and range of motion that can alleviate fibromyalgia symptoms.

Acupuncture—Designed to remove energy blockages and restore the natural flow of one’s chi, acupuncture restores the body’s balance and increases the rate of tissue healing while reducing pain.

Massage Therapy—Massage is proven to reduce swelling, promote blood circulation and to relax sore muscles, which are common traits of fibromyalgia.

Physical Therapy—Our experienced team of physical therapists will design a routine of corrective and strengthening exercises to help address your pain issues and any areas of muscle weakness.

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Schedule a no-obligation consultation with our chiropractic care team at Oxford Rehabilitation Center by coming by our office at 6735 Harbison Avenue in Philadelphia, or call us at 215-725-2000. We look forward to helping you get fibromyalgia relief soon.