Do You Need a Functional Capacity Evaluation to Start or Complete Your Rehabilitation?

Oxford Rehabilitation Center provides quality and objective Functional Capacity Evaluations for people who need a starting point to understand their limitations or an ending point after rehabilitation to understand their growth and also any limitations. These evaluations are important for many reasons ranging from workers compensation claims, insurance claims, clearance to return to your work, and understanding your own body and clearly seeing your growth and where you need assistance. If you are interested in learning more or in need of evaluation in Philadelphia, contact us today. The tests are a great way to prove your abilities after an illness or injury, so come hydrated and ready to perform each day.

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What Happens at A Functional Capacity Evaluation?

This evaluation will occur over the course of three days to get an accurate picture of your capabilities and pain levels over time and after certain activities. On day one your history will be taken as well as a comprehensive examination. After that, the tests performed will be scientifically and medically proven to be quality indicators of your level of functionality. We will receive a detailed job description from your place of employment, and perform our tests accordingly. We practice standard FCE protocol by VerNova for uniformity and quality.

A physical therapist will aid you through and record the results of your computerized VCE test. You will be tested specifically on your ability to perform specific tests from the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. These tests will include flexibility, range of motion, strength, endurance, cardiovascular health and more.  You and your chiropractor will review your results before they are sent to another party. The results will inform of your return to work status, a recommendation that may include approval, and the patient's current level of functionality.

The appointments are not invasive and are only designed to test the limits of the patient. They should not be painful, and the physical therapist, chiropractor, or doctor will take your comfort into consideration as you prove your ability to perform certain tasks.

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If you are interested in three day testing with objective results to assess you or your employee's physical abilities contact us at Oxford Rehabilitation Center. We are your Philadelphia resource for physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and rehabilitation. We can help you achieve your health goals and give you accurate results of physical testing for fair assessment by employers and more. Call today, 215-725-2000!