Our Philadelphia Chiropractic Team Offers Graston Technique

As a comprehensive wellness clinic, the Oxford Rehabilitation Center provides hands-on therapy for all types of injury or work-related issues that arise and cause severe pain, limits the range of motion, or minimizes daily activities. Our on-staff chiropractor and physical therapist have treated numerous cases whereby we have to go a step further in reducing inflammation throughout the body and encouraging healing in specific muscles and joints.

We are proud to offer the Graston Technique as one method of treatment in chiropractic care that involves soft-tissue instrument-assisted mobilization. In other words, the Graston Technique is a manual therapy approach that instruments to massage and gently scrape the skin in a specialized manner that promotes healing and reduces inflammation.

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Who performs the Graston Technique and how does it work?

The Graston Technique is designed to help the chiropractor or physical therapist identify restrictions within muscles or joints and to break up the scar tissue. It is often practiced in physical therapy sessions, during chiropractic care treatments, and for overall rehabilitation. If the practitioner decides that one session is sufficient, they will recommend further physical therapy to collaborate with the Graston Technique and its benefits.

There are specific goals outlined with the Graston Technique, including:

  • The promotion of a better healing environment for the injured soft tissue.
  • If there has been trauma to the soft tissue (ie. strained muscles and ligaments), breaking down the scar tissue and muscle fascia limitations are optimum for rehabilitation to the source.
  • Reducing the patient's pain by stretching connective tissue with the instrument manipulation in an effort to rearrange the structure of the soft tissue being treated.

The Oxford Rehabilitation Center is at the forefront in the Philadelphia area for offering the Graston Technique to our patients and promoting healing and wellness in an entirely new manner. Our chiropractor sets the tone for how often and how much depth is needed with the Graston Technique to successfully be implemented. It is up to her recommendation and in coordination with the physical therapist to heal our patients through this revolutionary process.

We've also documented with various treatments that our patients receive a healthy neurological benefit with the Graston Technique. Using the instruments is similar to other manual therapies we provide, and the response is noticeably similar. When a patient is given assisted soft-tissue manual mobilization therapy, several nerve fibers are activated. The body senses the activation and the recipient organs benefit favorably with this type of manual care and treatment.

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