Acupuncture for Migraines at Our Philadelphia Clinic

If you've ever had a full-scale migraine, you'll probably never forget how it felt. These "super-headaches" can set off a combination of agonizing symptoms that put your entire life on hold, possibly for days at a time. Chronic migraine sufferers may feel as if they have no life of their own at all -- and even the most sophisticated pharmaceuticals do an incomplete job of addressing the problem. But sometimes the most effective solutions also happen to be the oldest ones. Our Philadelphia clinic, Oxford Rehabilitation Center, can use acupuncture to give you lasting relief from your migraines.

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The Migraine Menace

A migraine can take many forms, none of them good. The classic form may be preceded by odd symptoms such as mood swings and vision changes are known as auras. The actual attack may include horrific pain, nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Many sufferers are debilitated by their migraines for up to 72 hours. Adding insult to injury is the fact that so many specific factors can trigger migraines in different people. Foods, weather changes, hormonal cycles, flashing lights, fatigue, stress, and many other common aspects of daily life can set off a migraine.

Even though many migraine triggers are well known, the underlying causes of the conditions have puzzled medical science over the years. Currently, we believe that abnormal serotonin levels may cause a chain of events in the brain that force cranial blood vessels to constrict, setting the stage for a migraine attack.

How Acupuncture Can Help

While medications can help reduce a migraine's worst symptoms, these same drugs can do nothing to discourage future migraine attacks. But acupuncture, a staple of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a healing technique thousands of years old, can succeed where modern medicine continues to struggle. Studies have shown that patients who receive acupuncture for their migraines may continue to enjoy fewer attacks and milder symptoms for at least 3 months following their course of treatment -- with fewer side effects than those caused by drug therapy. How is this possible? The Eastern explanation is that the needles redirect the flow of life energy, or chi, to restore more normal function. Western research indicates that the needles regulate pain signaling along nerve pathways while also stimulating the production of endorphins, the natural painkilling substances made by your body.

You have nothing to fear from an acupuncture session with our skilled acupuncturist, Dr. Wang. The needles are so fine and so expertly placed that they don't hurt. Several sessions may be prescribed to help you get the maximum benefit from your treatment. We can even supplement your acupuncture with other migraine-busting techniques such as cervical chiropractic adjustments.

Get the Help You Need at Oxford Rehabilitation Center

Migraines can be challenging, but Oxford Rehabilitation Center is up to that challenge. Call 215-725-2000 to see whether our acupuncture services can help you conquer your migraine problem