Oxford Rehabilitation Center Offer Care For Post-Surgical Cases

If you have a musculoskeletal injury or disorder that requires surgery, your surgeon may recommend several sessions with a physical therapist to facilitate your recovery and help you return to normal mobility. Physical therapy can make a significant difference in your ability to get back to your everyday activities. At Oxford Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia, PA, we offer a variety of techniques to help restore full function after surgery, with individualized attention and a commitment to patient care.

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Importance of Physical Therapy after Surgical Procedures

Healing and recovery from surgery can be a lengthy process. Physical therapy and rehabilitation methods help shorten the recovery period. Exercise and movement help encourage circulation in affected areas, which can speed healing by increasing blood flow and natural healing chemicals. Your physical therapist understands the physical limitation you may have after a procedure and can incorporate helpful exercises to increase flexibility and maximum range of motion.

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Common Surgeries That May Require Rehabilitation Therapy

Many types of surgery require physical therapy in the post-surgery period. Surgery on the spine may require stretching and bending exercises to strengthen the supporting muscles in the back. Knee and hip replacement procedures require activities that increase range of motion, balance, and flexibility. Surgery on the shoulder may need an extended period of rehabilitation to ensure full use of the arm and shoulder. Ankle or Achilles tendon surgery may require therapy to restore normal flexibility to the lower leg. Rehabilitative exercise can be critical in allowing patients to regain full use of the area, so they can return to their usual activities.

Working With Your Surgeon for Optimum Results

Our team has experience in working closely with physicians and surgeons to provide the precise methods of therapy and rehabilitation to their patients. Our doctors and therapists combine their extensive training to ensure that patients achieve optimum results from their therapy sessions.

Make Oxford Rehabilitation Center Your Choice for Rehabilitation after Surgery

Our doctors and therapists at Oxford Rehabilitation Center work as a team to provide the highest quality care for their patients in Philadelphia, PA, and surrounding areas. We use a variety of techniques to help individuals return to full function after injury or surgery including acupuncture and rehabilitative exercise. Call Oxford Rehabilitation Center today at 215-725-2000 to schedule an appointment, or to learn about the techniques that can help you restore full function after surgery.