Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Spur Treatment in Philadelphia

Here at Oxford Rehabilitation Clinic, our Philadelphia chiropractor understands just how debilitating foot pain can be. Chronic foot pain is often called plantar fasciitis, which is commonly referred to as heel spurs. However, this condition can cause pain in more than just your heels—it can cause whole foot pain that can radiate to the ankles, calves and legs, causing sciatica.

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What Is Plantar Fasciitis and what are the Causes?

Pronounced PLAN-tar fashee-EYE-tis, this condition occurs when the fascia on the bottom of the foot becomes inflamed, which is why it’s often called a heel spur. This can occur for a variety of reason including:

  • Long periods of standing on your feet.
  • Repetitious foot stress commonly experienced by certain type of athletic activities and carrying heavy weight loads.
  • Accident injuries.
  • Sudden increases or changes in daily activities.
  • Being overweight.
  • Degenerative shrinking of the heel pads.
  • Poor shoes that have no arch support lack a raised heel or are worn out.

Our chiropractor in Philadelphia will give you a comprehensive physical exam to diagnose plantar fasciitis before recommending a custom treatment program using chiropractic care.

What Are Common Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms?

The first sign of this condition is pain in the bottom and frontal regions of the heel that may range from mild to extreme. The tricky part about heel spurs is that they can hurt chronically or only for a few days or weeks and then disappear for months at a time. It can also be a temporary dysfunction, yet it can affect some for a lifetime. This pain usually strikes in the morning or after long periods or sitting. Severe heel pain and foot pain can result from nerve and bone irritations due to stress, swelling or scar tissue buildup that is common in those who frequently jog, run or do cardio workouts in the gym.

How a Chiropractor in Philadelphia Can Give You Relief

Chiropractic back and foot adjustments allow our chiropractor in Philadelphia to address your pain in a non-invasive way without medications or surgical procedures. These adjustments allow us to realign your spine to balance your body’s gait while increasing motion between the fascia and muscles in the feet. We also recommend fascial movement taping for those who still need to use their foot and cannot afford any downtime during therapy. Massage and physical therapy are also practical techniques we utilize to help you recover from long-term suffering and to assist in increasing your overall foot mobility.  An ideal complement to physical therapy and chiropractic care involve the use of custom orthotics, arch inserts and wedges and heel pads that can promote weight balance with every step.

Get Plantar Fasciitis Treatment at Our Philadelphia Chiropractor

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