Chiropractic Care for Summer Activities

Chiropractic Care for Summer Activities

The summer months bring many outdoor activities that challenge your body. From water sports such as kayaking and canoeing to water skiing and surfing, your body and muscles feel the effort. Maybe you are spending the summer hiking or gearing up for a marathon or cycle race and need chiropractic care to keep your body strong and healthy. Our Philadelphia chiropractor and supportive health team at Oxford Rehabilitation Center have the alternative services you desire to support your summer activities. Chiropractic care adjusts your spine to alleviate back pain and neck pain and restore your flexibility. Our chiropractor also adjusts joints such as wrists that may compress during cycling or knees that take the brunt of summer jogging. Regardless of the ways you use the beautiful summer weather to challenge your body, we are here to support your efforts and keep you going strong.

Injury Recovery

If your summer activities lead to small injuries such as sciatica, concussions or muscle strain, our rehabilitative experts are on your side. Our chiropractor positions your body in a natural alignment to avoid nerve pressure and decrease your pain. Our acupuncturist speeds injury recovery and improves your energy level. Our physical therapist teaches you exercises to build strength and increase flexibility so you are able to quickly return to your summer fun. Our team uses a group approach to bring you the best care and treatment options. Our alternative health style ensures that you will not have side effects from our services. Supporting summer activities with chiropractic care is a perfect partner as you move your body in new and exciting ways. We also encourage proper nutrition to support your fun and educate you on the best ways to fuel your healthy body. 

Schedule a Preparatory Chiropractic Appointment Before Summer Activities

When you have summer vacations planned that include traveling, visit us before and after your trip to align your spine for a pain-free journey. We cannot wait to hear about your summer adventures and look forward to pairing our chiropractic care services with your active life. Call us today to schedule your appointment. 

What fun summer activities do you have planned?



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