Common Questions About Back Pain Relief

Common Questions About Back Pain Relief

Back pain can be life-altering and intense, making life as you previously knew it grinds to a screeching halt. Thankfully, at Oxford Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia, we are well-equipped and trained to treat back pain. Our chiropractors have put together some common questions about back pain and chiropractic care.

What Kind of Back Pain Can be Treated?

Before moving to more invasive treatments like injections or even surgery, you’ll likely want to treat your back pain with our chiropractic services. Thankfully, for many issues that cause back pain, chiropractic care is more than adequate. Pain in the upper, lower and middle back can be improved or even eliminated with continued chiropractic manipulations. This manipulation of the spine and muscles improves the mobility in the area and reduces the nerve irritation, improving range of motion and reducing pain.

What Will the First Visit to a Chiropractor Involve?

Your first visit will involve a pain assessment that will go over when you noticed the pain, how long ago it started, and will categorize your pain in levels of severity. If your back is hurting intensely, we will likely be able to provide you with some relief. After gaining an understanding of your condition, we will put together a plan of action to treat your back pain. Usually, this plan is spaced out over several days, weeks and even months, as chiropractic care is progressive in nature. Don’t worry though, you most likely get some pain relief quickly.

Back Pain Treatment in Philadelphia

If you are having mild or intense back pain, call one of our chiropractors in Philadelphia today at Oxford Rehabilitation Center at (215) 725-2000. There is no need to suffer even one more day from a painful back condition that is controlling your life. Chiropractic care can and will provide you with pain relief in most cases and it is a safe, healthy alternative to more severe treatments such as drugs or surgery.



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