Maintaining Healthy Habits During the Holidays

 ‘Tis The Season

At Oxford Rehabilitation Center, everything we offer, from chiropractic care to personal training to acupuncture, is about more than treating conditions – it’s about the whole you. With that in mind, here are a few thoughts on enjoying the holidays while maintaining a healthy balance between festivities and fitness.

There’s nothing wrong with a little celebration. Whether that means time with family or friends or binge-watching Stranger Things with a special someone, giving of thanks and coming-all-ye-faithful is good for the soul. So is recognizing the stresses which accompany this time of year practicing self-care along the way. Your chiropractor and physical therapist will thank you!


The season begins with a celebration of abundance – a cornucopia of excess. It all tastes just as good on a smaller plate eating slowly and stopping when you’re satisfied. Don’t worry – there’ll be leftovers tomorrow.

Limit Alcohol

Enjoy your adult beverage of choice, but remember that alcohol lowers inhibitions and can lead to poor self-control regarding what goes in your mouth as well as what comes out. And the calories!

Stay Active

Holidays disrupt routines. Committing to regular exercise will keep you feeling better physically and help mitigate the stresses of the season. If nothing else, walk at the mall or initiate impromptu team sports outside.

Give It Away

Wrap up extra cookies and pie and send them home with guests. The first bite was wonderfully decadent, the second still sweet, but by the tenth, you’re just trying to recover those feelings. Stop.

Emotional Honesty

Whether you’re feeling festive or depressed, elated or disoriented, stay honest with yourself. Focus on the people around you and shared experiences – not the dessert tray. Even if you’re enduring more than enjoying, channel that emotion into intentional goodwill, not another helping of yams.

The Other Side

In the midst of the chaos, we’re still here to meet all of your holistic health needs. Whether it’s chiropractic care, physical therapy, or talking fitness for the new year, Oxford Rehabilitation Center of Philadelphia is ready. Give us a call and let’s get started.



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