Benefits of Acupuncture

At Oxford Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia, we offer a full range of drug-free, surgery-free methods of physical rehabilitation and natural pain reduction including chiropractic therapy, physical therapy, aqua therapy, and TENS. Another important service we provide is acupuncture, which we feel is a natural complement to chiropractic care. Here are just some of the benefits of acupuncture.

Acupuncture relieves chronic pain without drugs

Thousands of chiropractors around the world use acupuncture as part of their first line of treatment for non-specific back pain, back pain that can’t be traced back to a specific injury. Acupuncture is also successfully used to treat neck pain after a sports injury and auto accident. And acupuncture is particularly helpful for treating the pain of whiplash.

In whiplash, injuries to the neck muscles cause inflammation. The inflammation makes them swell and pulls against the vertebrae of the cervical spine, the bones in your neck. In turn, misalignment of your spine puts pressure on nerves that can cause pain all over the top half of your body. Acupuncture stops the inflammation. It stops the pain. You can reduce or stop your use of painkillers. You can move normally again.

Acupuncture “seals the deal” for chiropractic care

Chiropractic care gets your spine back into alignment. Old muscle injuries and inflammation, however, keep pulling your spine back out of alignment. Acupuncture can be what you need to make the benefits of chiropractic adjustment permanent. When you don’t have the inflammation pulling your spine and joints out of their natural fit, perennial pain problems become a thing of the past.

And some good news: Not all acupuncture requires needles

Let’s face it. Needles are scary. But modern acupuncture doesn’t always require needles. At Oxford Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia, we offer acupressure. In this technique, we apply steady pressure on specific points that modify your body’s response to painful stimulation. We have other methods of stimulating and relaxing acupuncture points without needles that give you all the benefits of this ancient healing technique.

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