Comprehensive examination

In today's world, many medical facilities and hospitals do not give the patient the opportunity to provide a detailed history and consequently a detailed examination. Most medical specialist are focused in the area of expertise within a specific joint, tissue or condition. As a result of their expertise in a specific area, many times they are not interested in dealing with patients that have multiple problems at the same time. This resulted in the patient never expressing other areas of complaints and only dealing with the most significant issue at that time. In the legal case (patient is involved in work-related injuries or motor vehicle accident injuries) failing to describe all areas of injury can be detrimental to the case, detrimental to getting the appropriate treatment for all areas of injuries and consequently may result in missing important health related conditions or injuries that will result in serious and long-term chronic injuries.

  • Many times, patients failed to recognize important clinical findings that may indicate significant injuries.
    Concussions and/or traumatic brain injury: Recent research articles stated that 56% of all concussions are never identified.
    - Failing to treat a concussion can result in loss of short-term memory, a young person attempting to perform well in school, behavioral issues, balance issues, nightmares, anxiety, ringing in the ears, loss of facial sensation, etc. We are committed to identifying cognitive problems ( brain injury signs) so that we can refer you to the right specialist.
    - I make sure to look for these markers so that I can refer you to the appropriate medical sources regarding concussion therapy, visual therapy and auditory therapy
  • Spinal disc herniations and/or space-occupying lesions
    - Early signs of neurological compression are often missed based upon a poor history taken by the physician and a nondetailed examination. Patients can develop loss of sensation, weakness, inability of holding onto objects or lifting fine objects (a paperclip). Identifying these problems will result in earlier diagnostic studies and if we identify these problems we will refer and comanage your complaints with neurology, physiatry, interventional pain management, or surgical consultation.
  • Many times, organic problems such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension, migraine headaches, etc. can worsen as a result of trauma and medication prescribed by the emergency room or urgent care. Following the initial evaluation, we sent your primary care physician records several finding and if we identify any organic condition that becomes unmanageable from the medications prescribed by your primary care physician, we will probably call your physician and attempt to have you scheduled to see them as soon as possible.
  • Our reports are detailed and any consultation from any other medical specialists are included in our follow-up reports. If an MRI or other diagnostic studies were performed we will also add the images of o the special studies into the patient's report.
  • Your surgeon would need to see those images and those reports to make that determination if surgery is a legitimate option.
  • Your interventional pain specialist would need to see those images to make that determination if you are a candidate for interventional pain management or medical management.
  • Your family doctor would need to have any positive findings for current and future clinical concerns. Coordination with your family doctor benefits you. Especially in today's world, many hospital based physicians are limited in the amount of time they can spend with you. That is why our communication with your family doctor is so important. We could provide valuable information about your health to your family doctor that they may never acquire due to the time restrictions enforced on them.
  • The insurance company that is responsible for covering your medical bills would need to see these findings to determine the need for other interventional treatment such as injections and/or surgery.
  • Your lawyer would use this information to help them devise a brief and demand letter for your recovery of your injuries.

Multiple forms of treatment

1. Chiropractic treatment: The orthopedic or neuro musculoskeletal model. We do not treat the patient for maintenance care. We do not treat organic conditions such as hypertension, diabetic conditions etc.
a. Diversified technique and Cox Flexion Distraction
b. Myofascial release technique
c. Core stabilization exercises involving gym equal, BAP's board, bosu ball, multiple gymnic balls of different shapes, tubing
d. Kinesio taping

2. Physical therapy
a. Aquatic therapy: Water temperature is 98 degrees, ozone controlled (no chemicals), 4 foot and 5 foot depths, underwater treadmill, water jets to workout sore muscles, flotation devices, flotation belts, water resistive devices, and weights. Grab bars around the whole pool.
b. Manual therapy
c. Core stabilization exercises involving gym equal, BAP's board, bosu ball, multiple gymnic balls of different shapes, tubing, and McKenzie extension program.
d. Graston and kinesio taping
e. Wound care
f. Fully equipped fitness center with free weights, machine weights, cardiovascular exercises (treadmill, recumbent bikes, elipical, etc.)
g. Vestibular therapy
h. Wii therapy
i. Functional Capacity Testing

3. Acupuncture and cupping
a. Acupuncture included
i. Needle
ii. Needle and electrical stimulation
iii. Infrared heat
b. Cupping

Information that is essential to our services include:

Multiple languages spoken:
1. Chinese
2. Indian
3. Spanish
4. Portuguese
5. We have access with some of our patients to help with Arabic, Creole

1. Individual van service

Concierge service

1. We will do our best to arrange for time and location with other medical specialist
2. We will do our best to arrange for time and location for diagnostic studies
3. To procure your prior medical records
4. To refer you to primary care physicians
5. To help with your short-term and long-term disability
6. To help with family medical leave
7. Out of work and return to work letters
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