I highly recommend to Oxford Rehabilitation Center to any with injuries. Everybody is very friendly and make you feel comfortable. The physical therapy here really helped me to feel better and be able to do things that I was doing before my accident. Want to thank everybody there for the help to get me were I need to be

– Robert S.

This is one of the happiest helpful places on the planet I genuine feel like a new person when I walk out course from when I went in for therapy staff a very professional and human and down to earth‘s but most importantly are trained and do a phenomenal job of implementing
Whatever treatment the doctor prescribes

Dr. Cohen as to great genius in my opinion ways of treating with humor and the best way to healing is through laughter but other side is a very thorough knowledgeable very professional when it comes to therapy and rebuilding a plan for your rehabilitation
Which he does not joke he takes very seriously it shows in the rehab work and the results Hardwork dedication focus phenomenal results I recommend this place for anyone that wants to truly get better and health physically and mentally

– Ryan J.

Oxford Rehabilitation Center is the best place for all kind of therapy. I did aqua therapy and I love it. It really help me with all the pain I go through with my hip. The staff is amazing and in good spirits love it. Dr Cohen is hilarious. I couldn’t pick a perfect place to go for therapy

– Dana B.

I been going here for quite some time and when I told you I have had the best experience with the amazing staff that work here you’ll love it here to. I would highly recommend this place to everyone

– Mike R.

After a car accident in September, I started seeing Dr Cohen and his amazing staff. Gerard coordinated my care and helped so much with making paperwork and the whole process hassle free. Carla, Dr. Cohen’s right hand (my opinion), helped with just about every visit, filling out paperwork, and most of the behind the scenes tedious tasks along with filling in anywhere she was needed(she does it all). Wendy, another worker who seems to do it all, we always a friendly face to greet me when I arrived and always worked with my schedule for each visit. Maria and Maribel provided excellent treatment every visit (both very kind). Marty, the physical therapist , really seems to care and creates personalized workouts and exercises plans helping you get as close to your normal self as possible.

Overall, they turned an unfortunate event in my life into a pleasant experience

Ps, get ready for all the jokes and humor with Dr. Cohen!

– Alyssa I.

Very nice staff, very friendly.. they do not give you a hard way at all. Also The dr. is very nice and has a good sense of humor! (:

– Toni N.

Best experience ever they helped me rehab and get better. All of the staff went above and beyond their job to help fix me up and get me functioning again.

– Steven S.

Dr. Cohen is an amazing Chiropractor! He is hilariously funny and makes me feel good every time I go to his office for an adjustment. Mari is a great medical assistant; she is so nice & caring. Carla is wonderful so patient with all of my medical needs. Gerard is also a great help when I need any referrals to other doctors. I highly recommend Oxford Chiropractic!

– Cynthia Evelyn S.

I was in a truck accident came here with a broken right hand and a tear on my left rotar cuff
Rehab was was great was able to go back to work

– Michael R.

Always Greeted & Treated with Exceptional Care
From the SDC Guidelines @ the front door to the recap of what helped ease your pain last visit. Doctors here put your health and well-being 1st.
Quality Staff ,Professional Rehab, & Dr Cohen tops it off with his Hilarious Humor. But if you want One word to describe Oxford Rehabilitation Center

– P Haze

Dr Cohen and his staff are great and they were very respectful and helpful. I would definitely recommend his office for your therapy needs. They were always professional and they did a wonderful job each visit. They made me laugh every time I went to therapy. Dr Cohen has a great sense of humor and Gerard they are both funny laugh ever time I went. Thanks for a great service.

– Angella P.

This place works magic! Dr. Cohen and his staff are truly amazing. I went in today in horrible horrible pain that brought me to tears. I could not stand up or hardly walk.. 2 hours later I was able to stand up and walk around.. the whole entire team was in the room with me and took excellent care of my needs.. I would recommend this place to anyone in pain.

– Sasha R.

Dr.Cohen is the most spectacular chiropractor I’ve been to. He was the only one who cured my nec, back AND hip pain. I am no longer falling apart. Thank you Dr. Cohen and Karla!

– Jane L.

The most caring team that actually gets you back to 100%. If you need Physical Therapy this is the place to go! Thank you for helping me. Special thanks to Boulavard Law for referring me here after my car accident.

– Pat S. H.