"When I started physical therapy with Dr. Cohen, I had a very hard time doing simple household chores. Dr. Cohen and his staff worked with me and introduced me to the gym ball and quite a few exercises that helped me get to where I am today.

    "Before I could only bend to touch my knees... now I can touch the floor when I bend. I also have lost close to fifteen pounds in the process. My quality of life has increased tremendously.

    "Thank you to Dr. Marc Cohen and his fantastic staff! You are greatly appreciated!"
    ~ Angela Malick

    "I arrived at Dr. Cohen's office in excruciating pain and was seen right away. The treatment options Cr. Cohen gave me relieved my pain and I'm able to return to work. I am very pleased with the care I received and am very satisfied with the end result."
    ~ George Manosis

    "It was a great experience! The physical therapy assistants, Kara and Tara, are kind, friendly, and thorough. My back improved greatly in only a month or so."
    ~ John M.

    Haydee gives the best massage that I have ever experienced of which have been many. She uses the just right amount of pressure to work out my knots and sore muscles. She seems to have an intuitive sense on where these areas are located. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is searching for the “just right massage and best massage therapist”. She is highly professional and knowledgeable! You won’t regret it!
    ~Diane M.

    I would just like to say that my experience has been a delight. The staff is excellent and the mere fact that Dr. Cohen gives praises to his family for making his practice a reality was astounding. For him to be so real and helpful, they did ultra sound for my Carpal Tunnel and even treated me for my arthritis when they didn’t have to because it was part of my therapy. I was able to do water therapy. Tara was very helpful. She could see my last visit I was not at my best and so she discontinued my water therapy. But the fact that she recognized and gave one on one care even when there were others in therapy she was great. Many thanks to the staff.
    ~Dinah H.

 I enjoy my massage every two weeks with Haydee. It relaxes and relives my tension and decreases my back, neck & shoulders, and it works. I am able to move more and pain is relieved for a longer time after the massage. I can shop without pain, set my hair, wash, cook and even cut up potatoes without pain. Massage helps with my chronic pain condition and without the massage; I cannot do my everyday duties. Thank you very much for such relief. The atmosphere set the relaxation station very well. Thank you.
    ~Stephanie L.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""Thank you to Dr. Marc Cohen and his fantastic staff! You are greatly appreciated!""
    ~ Angela Malick