Non-Surgical Pain Management

Non-Surgical Pain Management Often Begins through a Philadelphia Chiropractor and Physical TherapyNon-Surgical Pain Management

Our staff thrives on helping patients find lasting, non-surgical relief from their pain. At Oxford Rehabilitation Center, we understand that many of our patients resist the idea of undergoing an invasive surgical procedure to reduce or eliminate their pain. We agree that it always best to explore non-surgical treatments for faster healing and recovery.

Our medical professional team features chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, orthopedic surgeons and medical assistants. Along with our knowledgeable and friendly front office staff, we want to work with you to investigate the healthiest ways to get you back on your feet in no time.

We Can Help You Figure Out the Reasons Behind Your Pain to Determine the Right Treatment Plan

Perhaps you have tried managing pain on your own by taking over-the-counter pain medications, such as Ibuprofen. You might have also reduced your level of activity for regular daily activities and fitness if it holds off pain for a while, but deep down, you know that both of these solutions are only temporary and can cause additional problems as their effectiveness fades.

Once you receive a diagnosis from your primary physician, or once we help you get to the bottom of your pain issues, we can work with our chiropractor and a physical therapy professional to determine a treatment plan tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Our Therapeutic Team Offers a Variety of Non-Surgical Pain Management Treatments in Philadelphia

Our medical director, Marc Cohen, DC, might recommend a traditional course of physical therapy treatment sessions with Tara Coomds, PTA . However, our creative menu of treatment services can offer you any number of alternative and non-invasive pain management treatments, including the following:

  • Acupuncture. Dr. Wendy Wang, DPT, L.Ac has practiced acupuncture since graduating from a prestigious Chinese medical school. Dr. Wang’s education in physical therapy enhances her acupuncture skills, giving her added insights into treatments.

  • Aquatic Therapy. A pool filled with warm water and a skilled aquatic therapist can offer gentle and quick pain relief for pain sufferers. Patients who suffer from arthritis and recent bone breaks benefit from this type of treatment.

  • Ultrasound Therapy. This type of therapy promotes increased blood flow to muscles, ligaments and tendons that suffer with lack of proper circulation, sending pain signals out for help.

In addition to these out-of-the-box therapies, we also offer passive therapy modalities, soft tissue mobilization, kinesio taping, and diverse treatments that involve stretching techniques, reciprocal inhibition, muscle energy techniques and more.

We want to make each patient an active participant in the prescribed treatment course, so regardless of the type of therapy we recommend, we want to offer you tools to help you continue to see positive benefits. In addition to your treatment plan, we will discuss stretches you can do on your own to enhance treatments, as well as the right type and amount of physical exercise and good choices in nutrition.

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