Post Surgical Cases

Post-Surgical Cases in Philadelphia, PA

Here at the Oxford Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia, PA we are committed to treating post-surgical cases. Whether you are recovering from surgery due to an illness or injury, our team of physical therapists, chiropractic doctors, and acupuncturists are here to assist you. We treat patients using a multidisciplinary approach that is based on restorative therapies and alternative treatments. Discover the benefits of post-operative therapies at your chiropractor in Philadelphia.

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Soft Tissue Mobilization Therapy

We offer soft tissue mobilization therapy at your Philadelphia chiropractor. This therapy is used to treat upper and lower extremities including neck pain and back pain. If you are recovering from surgery for carpal tunnel, tendinitis, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, or hip pain, then these are the types of problems that mobilization therapy can help with. The benefit of soft tissue mobilization therapy is to improve post-surgical cases involving soft tissue injuries. For example, if you have had surgery for rotator cuff injuries or a torn ligament we can use mobilization therapy to lengthen muscles, reduce scar tissue, and relax tense muscles.

Aquatic and Water Therapy 

Other types of therapies we apply here at the leading chiropractor in Philadelphia include water therapy and aquatic therapy. This type of post-surgical therapy is optimal for individuals with weight bearing conditions, such as hip surgery or knee surgery. Pool therapy is conducted in 98-degree water for increased muscle relaxation. This reduces swelling and improves joint mobility without causing more harm. The warmth of the water also helps to increase fluid circulation, which helps improve healing throughout the tissue. 

Physical Therapy in Philadelphia

Our in-house physical therapist Tara Coomds PTA is a licensed and board certified physical therapist. Along with Coomds your Philadelphia chiropractor Dr. Marc Cohen will prescribe a physical therapy program that fulfills your post-surgical needs. In addition to combining various therapies including soft tissue mobilization therapy and aquatic therapy, we also offer joint mobilization, palliative therapy, and neuromuscular re-education. As your Philadelphia physical therapist we also offer scar monitoring by using various techniques to ensure scar tissue is not developing with post-surgical cases. For continued therapy in between your visits to the Oxford Rehabilitation Center we will also set you up with corrective exercises that are on target with your post-op recovery. These strengthening exercises can make all the difference in the time frame of your post-operative recovery period. 

Meet Your Post-Operative Care Chiropractor in Philadelphia

As your preferred chiropractor in Philadelphia, the Oxford Rehabilitation Center provides comprehensive post-operative care. From soft tissue mobilization and aquatic therapy to scar monitoring and kinesio taping, our facility is equipped to treat most post-surgical cases involving soft tissue, joints, muscles, ligaments, and bones. Contact the Oxford Rehabilitation Center at 215-725-2000 to schedule your appointment for therapy after your surgery. We are currently offering a 20 percent discount on our family plans for our fitness center.


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