As the world responds to the outbreak of Covid-19, our thoughts and prayers are with those affected. At Oxford Rehab, we are taking extreme measures to prevent the spread of this virus in our office and will continue to see patients experiencing traumatic injury as needed.

We remain open for new patients. We will evaluate to determine if you need to see an additional medical specialist or diagnostic tests and arrange for you to have the necessary treatment either in our facility or referral to other medical specialist.  We are connected to other medical specialist that will see you based upon our recommendations.

We’re so glad that you love your new smile and your experience with Varghese Orthodontics enough to share it with a friend. Fill out the form below to let us know about a patient you’ve referred to us.

We will offer three treatment options to our new and current patients:

  1. Dr. Wang, DPT will see all New Patients once and then re-schedule for telemedicine.
  2. Dr. Marty Lenz, DPT will see all New Patients once and then re-schedule for telemedicine.
  3. Dr. Marc Cohen, DC following a new examination will consider seeing the patient in the office for chiropractic treatment if it is necessary due to increased pain.  We want for the patient to try telemedicine first.  If the patient needs to come in then the following criteria is necessary to be seen:
    • We will not see any patient that has a cough, chest pain, difficulty breathing, fatigue, temperature/fever and recently there is evidence that even though people do not possess any symptoms of corona virus, they could be a carrier of the virus. Cough, fever, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, new confusion or inability to arouse, bluish lips or face, tiredness and difficulty breathing.  Patients with asthma, diabetes, heart condition or with a compromised auto immune system they have a higher risk of infection will not be seen as protecting our staff remains number one concern.
    • Every patient entering the office must follow social distancing as much as possible.
    • We will only have patients come in one at a time and you may have to wait in your car if there are other patients in the building.
    • Temperature will be taken via infrared scan (the temperature instrument will not touch your forehead and will be at least 3-5 inches away.
    • Every patient must wear a mask, gloves and surgical booties that we provide upon entering the office. 
    • All of our personnel will be wearing gloves, facial protection, surgical gowns, surgical booties and N 95 mask. They will wash their hands after seeing a patient.
    • We sanitize all chairs, materials uses on patient, tables and any pads used for electric stimulation which are provided to each patient. The patient has their own individual electrical stimulation pads.

    We have included all of the CDC recommendations and we feel that we have added safety measures that go beyond CDC recommendations.  In addition to the above steps we are the first in Philadelphia to install the Vida Shield. As added protection to our staff and patients we have installed multiple VidaShield fixtures.

    The pool and the locker rooms have the Vida shield and direct UV light that will kill all surface bacteria and viruses. Healthcare providers have validated reductions by as much as 91% in the air and up to 69% from surfaces. This process is performed as Air is drawn into a shielded UV-C chamber. This allows infection-causing microbes to be neutralized. Then, clean air is re circulated back into the room.