When most people think of visiting a chiropractor, they think of back problems. Chiropractic care can have tremendous benefits for those suffering from back pain, but did you know chiropractic care can also help with your tension headaches? At Oxford Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia, PA, our proven therapies have helped many patients reduce their occurrence of headaches. We strive to help our patients find safe, healthy, drug-free ways to deal with pain and health issues. Keep reading to find out more.

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What Causes Tension Headaches?

Tension headaches are usually described as a sensation similar to having a tight band strapped around the head. Tension headaches are usually caused by contractions in the head or neck area. These contractions can be caused by stress, repetitive activities, and even some foods. Stress can cause a tension headache because when you are stressed you tend to tense up your muscles and clench your jaw. These behaviors can cause muscle spasms in the neck and face.

Repetitive activities such as staring at a computer screen for prolonged periods can also cause tension headaches because the muscles of your eyes and face are being required to perform the same movements over and over. Foods are a surprising culprit in tension headaches. Some chemicals found in food will interact with your body's chemistry adversely, causing changes in blood flow and hormone levels. This can lead to headaches.

Chiropractic Care for Tension Headaches

Chiropractic care seeks to find the imbalances in the body and to bring those factors back into balance. When the body is in balance, most pain and illness will heal on its own. Spinal manipulation is often used as a base treatment. A misalignment of the spine can manifest as pain and inflammation in many parts of the body. Your chiropractor will want to start your treatment plan with spinal adjustment to establish a baseline.

Beyond spinal adjustment, other methods of treatment that are effective for tension headaches include hot/cold therapy and massage therapy. When you first visit the chiropractor you will be evaluated for overall health. Your unique medical history will be taken into consideration and a customized treatment plan will be developed for you.

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