Tendinitis Treatment in Philadelphia, PA

If you are looking for treatment for tendinitis or if you are unsure about why you have pain in your joints, you should consider visiting a chiropractor. Chiropractors are known to deliver excellent results for a variety of neuromuscular conditions. Chiropractic treatments are extremely safe, non-invasive, and non-surgical.
For residents of Philadelphia, PA, Oxford Rehabilitation Center offers chiropractic treatment for several conditions, including tendinitis. We have been serving the local community for over two decades. With years of experience, our team of chiropractors is committed to providing the best in chiropractic care.

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What is tendinitis?

Tendinitis is irritation or inflammation of a tendon, which is soft tissue that connects a bone to a muscle. Tendinitis can occur in any tendon of the body, but it is most common in elbows, shoulders, knees, wrists, and heels. You might have heard of Tennis elbow, Pitcher’s shoulder, or Jumper’s knee. These are all types of tendinitis. Typical symptoms of tendinitis include pain, tenderness, and swelling of the injured tendon. You are more likely to suffer from tendinitis as you age, as the tendons become less flexible over time.

What causes tendonitis?

Tendinitis can be caused by an abrupt and sudden movement, but it is most commonly caused by repetitive movements over time. Most people suffer from tendinitis because of their jobs or hobbies that put repetitive stress on the joint. Some movements are more prone to causing tendinitis, such as reaching overhead.

How can a chiropractor help treat tendinitis?

A chiropractor can guide you to preventive care which can reduce the chances of tendinitis. If you are already suffering from tendinitis, a chiropractor has various techniques that can be applied to treat the condition.

One of the first steps of the treatment is confirming a diagnosis, which might require an X-ray, CAT, or MRI scan. Once a diagnosis has been confirmed, our chiropractor is going to make a treatment plan.  It is possible that our chiropractor might recommend a whole-body approach, which includes specific exercise movements, nutritional plans, supplements, posture adjustment, and other lifestyle changes.

A for additional treatment methods, our chiropractor is most likely to begin with treatments to help reduce inflammation. After any inflammation has been reduced, our chiropractor will apply a combination of manual manipulation, physical therapy, and strengthening exercises, depending on the individual's specific needs.

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Whether you are suffering from tendinitis or another neuromuscular condition, schedule an appointment with our chiropractor as soon as possible. Try to seek treatment before the condition gets worse. Our team at Oxford Rehabilitation Center is standing by to schedule an appointment for you with one of our chiropractors. Give us a call or drop by our clinic in Philadelphia, PA.