Treating Sports Injuries in Children

It’s important for developing children to get as much outdoors time as they can. Youth sports are a great way of getting a child outside and active, as well as teaching them teamwork. Sports can be great for children but can also lead to injuries. Since a child’s body is still developing, it is critical that they seek medical attention for their injury as soon as possible. Whether they are suffering from back pain, knee pain, neck pain, or any other discomfort, one of the best ways to help your child recover from minor sports injuries is with the help of a chiropractor. Here at Oxford Rehabilitation Center, we're here to help treat your child's injury and do everything we can to get them back on the playing field.

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Address Lingering Pain

Sometimes, sports injuries are not obvious. The injury isn’t as obvious as a broken arm or twisted ankle. However, some pains might be internal or miniscule. Some children may not even experience pain after an injury. With those kinds of situations there is a chance your child has compressed joints or bones that have pushed slightly out of place. This can lead to all kinds of pain or discomfort issues that, if left untreated, will only worsen over time. It is important that we assess your child to help with these lingering pains before the situation becomes far worse.

Living Pain Free

When it comes to treating a child's sports injury, as long as it is addressed quickly, we can safely and effectively help fix their condition. A child's body will repair itself faster than an adult’s making recovery a lot easier for them. Here at Oxford Rehabilitation Center we can diagnose the situation and find the best way to treat your child's injury. We also provide advice to help prevent the neck pain, knee pain, or back pain in the future. Sometimes, it's as easy as changing the kind of shoes worn during a game or the way your child sleeps.

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We know how important being active is to a growing child, that’s why are team is here to help your child get back on their feet. We help our patients recover from their injuries and reach their body’s full potential. Here at Oxford Rehabilitation Center, we are passionate about giving you the health care treatment you need. Call us today to see how we can help you or your child.