Common Questions About Text Neck

Common Questions About “Text Neck”

If you have recently been experiencing chronic neck pain, finding a solution to relieve discomfort is sure to be on your mind. Text neck is a condition that can inflict anyone, leading to pain and discomfort in the back of the neck. If you are suffering from this condition, contact Oxford Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia. Here are some commonly asked questions about text neck and how our chiropractor can help.

How Does Text Neck Happen?

Text neck occurs when someone looks down for an extended period of time. This will stretch the back of the neck, leading to pain that is dull and constant. Many people who use electronic devices find they suffer from this condition after looking at a monitor frequently.

How Can This Condition Be Avoided?

Text neck can be avoided by limiting the amount of time spent on an electronic device. Consider setting a time to help monitor the amount of time you use a device so text neck is less likely to occur. A holder for your device, so it is kept at eye level, is another way to protect your neck from pain. Stretching your neck and upper back often will also help to keep pain from settling into the neck area if you use a device on a frequent basis.

What Will Our Chiropractor Do To Help?

Our chiropractor will assess your neck pain to determine if text neck is indeed to blame for your condition. A series of spinal manipulations will work effectively at minimizing pain in this area. The adjustments will reduce stress upon joints, allowing for healing to occur. In addition, massage, temperature therapy, electric stimulation, or exercises may be recommended by our chiropractor to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with text neck.

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