Chiropractic Pain Relief

Pain in the lower back, shoulders and throughout the spine doesn’t just hurt, it impacts your life, relationships and goals at every turn. Each time you wince, hold your lower back or grimace at an annoying, persistent twinge, you’re sacrificing your quality of life to deal with it. Isn’t it time to set your own limits instead of letting your injuries and chronic pain set them for you? At Oxford Rehab, we believe it is! When you book an appointment to be seen by a chiropractor at our Philadelphia chiropractor’s office, you’re taking the first step towards reclaiming your “old self” for good. 

More Than an Adjustment

While many potential clients are familiar with the manual adjustments used by a chiropractor – slight pressure on the back, as well as the bending of the limbs or head – they’re only a part of the holistic health plan we will create for you. During a visit with our caring, dedicated team, you’ll be able to explain your symptoms, ask questions and get explanations for why your chronic pain occurs and how to prevent it. Heat therapy, electrical stimulation, massage and even nutrition and dietary supplement advice are only a few of the alternative therapies we can offer to support whole-body health alongside regular chiropractic visits.

Chiropractic Treatment for Chronic Pain

Your spine is the center of your body, balancing more aspects of your health than you may realize. Consider us your support for keeping that pillar of well-being securely in place. During regular visits to Oxford Rehab, you’ll experience the benefits of a properly-aligned spine as well as the mitigation of aches and discomfort that often accompany a previously-undiagnosed misalignment. With less physical stress and pressure needed to compensate for misalignments, your body can divert focus to healing your pain and getting you back on a road to recovery. If you’re living with chronic pain, let our medical team help you live without it. Contact our chiropractic office in Philadelphia now at 215-725-2000 to schedule your first appointment and get back in alignment today!



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