Benefits of Physical Rehabilitation

Physical Rehabilitation

Our chiropractors here at Advanced Back and Neck Care Center work with you to develop a treatment plan that boosts your health. We offer chiropractic care with spinal manipulations and adjustments in conjunction with physical rehabilitation to reduce your pain, improve your overall wellness and enhance your recovery.

Physical Therapists

Our physical therapists can help your body establish good posture, proper lifting techniques and overall range of motion. If you are experiencing limited flexibility from back, neck, hip, shoulder or knee concerns, physical rehabilitation uses passive and active exercises to safely and effectively move your joints. At times the therapist will stretch your muscles and manipulate your joints by moving your arms, legs or torso through flexibility exercises. Other times, your therapist will instruct you on how to perform the exercises. Both techniques work to improve your functional fitness and can increase your ability to complete daily tasks.

Work Benefits

If you are recovering from an injury, our chiropractor may suggest physical rehabilitation in conjunction with spinal adjustments. Physical rehabilitation is essential in injury recovery and can help you return to work faster than if left to recover on your own. The therapists will push you to your pain-free limits in an effort to heal your body and reduce the long-lasting effects of your injuries.

Additional Treatments

Our chiropractor at Advanced Back and Neck Care oversees your wellness journey including your physical rehabilitation. Our therapists may use numerous treatments including heat and cold therapy, ultrasound, traction, electrical muscle stimulation and nerve stimulation to increase blood flow and healing to your challenged areas.

Throughout the healing process, you are educated on exercises to perform at home as well as given instructions to reduce your risk of injury recurrence. Your active participation along with our chiropractor and therapists dedication to your healing will aid in a speedy recovery. Plus, you may develop a love of physical activity that can help with weight maintenance and heart health.

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