Providing Pain Relief in Philadelphia

Providing Pain Relief in Philadelphia

The causes of pain are so widely varied and specific for each person that traditional medicine often has difficulty in offering effective relief.  Chiropractic care offers a dynamic method of pursuing pain relief and healing by aligning the bones of the skeleton. This unique combination of physics and physiology offers a patient the most efficient and natural use of each joint. Over the course of multiple treatments, this realignment offers the maximum blood flow, allows the reduction of inflammation and swelling, and allows the soft tissues surrounding the joint to return to their normal, healthy shape and motion. It reduces knots in the muscles, and strain on ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. The reduction of stress on the joint and the reduction of inflammation offer the best chance for the joint to heal.

Chiropractic Care Uses the Physics of the Body to Combat Pain

Chiropractic care doesn’t only target the injured joint. When pain is part of the equation, patients adjust how they move both the injured body part and everything attached to it, in order to compensate. This often causes problems both to neighboring joints and related tissues, but to the same areas on the other side of the body.  Chiropractic care, in its fundamental practice, treats those related problems alongside the original injury, be in due to accident or surgical intervention. This is known as a holistic or “whole body” philosophy of practice.

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In combination with physical therapy to strengthen muscles weakened by injury and nutritional and lifestyle counseling, chiropractic care offers a chance of real healing, ultimately the best kind of pain relief. Dr. Marc Cohen is partnered with Dr. Zohar Stark, an orthopedic surgeon and Dr. Wendy Wang, doctor of acupuncture, alongside a team of physical therapists at Oxford Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia. Dr. Cohen and his partners and staff seek to provide cohesive and multidisciplinary care in order to effectively treat pain for their patients.  Please call 215-725-2000 to learn more about chiropractic care or to make an appointment.



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