Common Questions about Knee Pain Relief

Are you limping and unable to walk because of unbearable knee pain? You don’t have to continue living in pain. At Oxford Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia, PA, we provide various treatment methods for knee pain that are non-invasive and drug-free. We can get you back to participating in your favorite activities pain-free.

It is important to know about the risks, causes, and symptoms of knee pain so that you know when to seek treatment. Here are a few common questions about knee pain.

What Causes Knee Pain?

Knee pain is often caused by other health problems, including sprains and strains, knee joint dislocation, frozen knee effects, tendinitis, and knee bursae. Work, sports, or auto accidents may also cause knee pain. Diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis cause knee pain due to deterioration.

How Do I Know What’s Causing My Knee Pain?

Knee injuries often present sudden knee pain that varies in severity. Knee pain resulting from diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis changes gradually over a long time, and it doesn’t have a sudden start. Also, injuries present sharp pain, whereas conditions such as arthritis present dull knee pain.

Does Weight Affect Knee Pain?

The knee joints bear your body’s weight, and the more weight exerted on the joints, the more pain that your knees will feel. Your weight is supported by your knee joints, ankles, and hips, and being overweight increases the chances of developing joint problems, such as osteoarthritis and worse knee pain.

Should I Wait for Knee Pain to Subside?

No, it is important to seek treatment right when you start experiencing knee pain. Your pain might be caused by an underlying health condition. Early treatment will make sure your condition does not worsen. Our chiropractor will look for the root cause of your pain to treat the condition, not the symptoms.

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If you have knee pain, you don’t have to continue suffering. At Oxford Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia, PA, our team of qualified experts can diagnose and treat your knee pain. We offer chiropractic treatments, massage therapy, physical therapy, and more. To schedule an appointment, call us today.



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