Upper Cervical Back Pain

Upper Cervical Back Pain

The cervical spine consists of seven vertebrae extending from the base of the skull to the base of the neck. The back of the head and top three vertebrae and their surrounding soft tissues are considered the upper cervical spine. If misalignments or compressions occur in this area of the spine, it can impact the nerves and soft tissue in other parts of the body and cause pain. This area of the spine is critical to the function of the whole body. Our chiropractor and staff at Oxford Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia can effectively treat upper cervical back pain.


Symptoms of an upper cervical problem include neck pain and headaches, especially headaches in the back of the head. Often the pain becomes worse when you move your head or neck. Additional symptoms include limited neck mobility, pain, numbness, and weakness that may spread into the arms and legs. You may also have less sensation of cold or heat in your legs and feet.


Many things can cause upper cervical misalignments. Poor posture, sleeping in an abnormal position, and injuries such as whiplash are common causes. More rare causes include genetics, tumors, growth abnormalities, and infections.


A chiropractor can relieve swelling and pain in the upper cervical spine without drugs or surgery. Gentle chiropractic adjustments reduce inflammation and help the joint and nervous system function better. This allows the body itself to better manage the pain. After treatment, you experience less pain and greater flexibility and are able to participate in the activities you love again.

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