What is Moxibustion?

What is Moxibustion? A Millenia-Old Enhancement for Acupuncture Treatment and More

At Oxford Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia, we provide rehabilitation and chiropractic care. We work to create a complete and individualized treatment plan for you. While there are many techniques to be discussed, there is a specific technique called Moxibustion that we want to introduce you to.

When Moxibustion is Suggested — Giving Acupuncture a Boost

Like much of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), moxibustion seems like an odd concept until you learn about how it works and, even more, feel the difference it makes. The practitioner uses a prepared form of mugwort, a spongy plant that has been used as part of acupuncture for many years. The Chinese name for acupuncture includes a reference to the use of this plant. Rather than use the Chinese name, practitioners use a term that combines a westernized version of the prepared plant name, “moxa,” with the word “combustion.” It’s a modern name for an ancient technique.

How it Works: Conditions that May Benefit from Moxibustion

The way moxibustion works is by burning moxa. The burning moxa is then used directly on the skin or an acupuncture needle in a variety of ways providing benefits from thermal to pharmacological. Combined with placement on the acupuncture meridians of the body, the results are both on the surface stimulation and deep tissue stimulation that will help speed your recovery.

Including Moxibustion in Your Treatment at Oxford Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia

Under the care of a chiropractor with a broad knowledge of ancient and modern treatment modalities, you’ll feel the difference in your pain relief and rehabilitation process. TCM-inspired techniques such as moxibustion help speed up and deepen your healing and help you get back to your life. If you are in the Philadelphia, PA area give us a call at (215) 725-2000 and let Oxford Rehabilitation Center create a plan for your recovery.



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