Oxford Rehabilitation Center Offers Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Injuries are common in athletic activities. The need to push the body to the limit to achieve goals can cause painful consequences. Getting back to your activities after an injury can be a lengthy process, but good rehabilitative care can speed the process and get you back to full function. At Oxford Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia, PA offers chiropractic care and physical therapy for sports-related injuries.

Common Sports Injuries

Individuals may experience sprains or tears of the muscle, ligaments or tendons. Shoulder or kneecap dislocations, fractures, rupture of the Achilles tendon or rotator cuff injuries can lead to significant discomfort and poor function. In other cases, individuals who have had surgery to repair an injury need rehabilitation care to restore full strength and mobility to the affected area.

Understanding Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a system of focused care whose goal is to return you full function. The process begins with a thorough review of your medical history and evaluation of your current condition. After which, your chiropractor or physical therapist will design an individualized plan to work on problems of muscle weakness, inadequate flexibility or poor range of motion. Acupuncture can be used to provide pain relief without the use of strong drugs.

Rehabilitation Gets You Back To Your Normal Activities

Initially, rehabilitative methods are used to manage pain, reduce swelling and soothe injured tissue. Aquatic therapy can help restore muscle function, in a less strenuous way. As healing improves, your chiropractor or physical therapist will work more aggressively on restoring strength and function in affected muscle groups, as well as improve neurological function in affected areas. Finally, we will work to improve your balance and increase endurance, to allow you to sustain normal physical activity.

Choose Oxford Rehabilitation Center For Your Chiropractor and Physical Therapist

The health professionals at Oxford Rehabilitation Center combine their specialties to provide comprehensive care for patients in Philadelphia, PA, and surrounding areas. We provide care for a variety of conditions, including back injuries, work injuries, auto accident injuries, headaches, and neck pain and shoulder problems. Call Oxford Rehabilitation Center today at 215-725-2000 for an appointment to learn how our rehabilitation services can help your sports injury.



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