Benefits of Rehabilitative Care After a Surgery

We Can Help You Recover After Your Surgery With Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care and More.

At Oxford Rehabilitation Center it is all in our name. We are the best in town for rehabilitation after a surgery, auto accident, or another event that causes trauma to your anatomy. We serve Philadelphia with quality physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and rehabilitation services to support and help you heal fully.

Benefits of Professional Rehabilitation After Surgery

According to a journal article in the National Library of Medicine, patients who receive rehabilitation have higher long term mobility and recover faster than those who do not. This physical therapy is vital after surgery, but it is also been proven to be effective for conditioning and strengthening certain areas of the body before the surgery as well.

Many people find that after a major surgery, they have a surprising amount of trouble regaining normal mobility. This is for many reasons, even beyond the area that was operated upon. A chiropractor and physical therapist can help you regain your strength and get to know your new limits at a pace that is both challenging and safe. Many people without professional rehabilitation are nervous to do much at all at first because it can be so draining, then they do too much later causing injury during a time when healing should occur.

When you come in for rehabilitative care you will find a team of experts on your side there to help you heal at a challenging, yet safe pace. You do not have to go about this journey alone.

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