Functional Capacity Evaluation

Philadelphia, PA Functional Capacity Evaluation
Oxford Rehabilitation Center
This is a way to accurately and objectively measure your ability to perform day‐to‐dayfunctionalevalimg1-0.png
activities. We test you over three days to evaluate the extent of your ability when sitting, standing, walking, reaching, lifting, or bending. This evaluation is used to determine when you can return to work, your functional work day tolerances, and if a job modification is required. Our results can provide your employer, insurer, physician, or other party with the objective information needed to determine when you can go back to work.
  • Patient history is taken, along with a comprehensive physical examination.
  • A detailed job description from the company is acquired.
  • A standard FCE protocol by VerNova is carried out
  • A computerized FCE test is conducted by a physical therapist
  • The ability to perform 29 critical job tasks from the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, including flexibility/range or motion, strength, cardiovascular condition, and body mechanics is assesed.
  • Test results are reviewed by the patient
  • A report is compiled containing the following objectives:
  • Return to work status
  • Client/injured worker's level of functionality
  • Reliability and validity researched and published
  • Recommendation that includes approval


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