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Our Philadelphia Chiropractor & Multidisciplinary Team Offers a Variety of Holistic Healing Services

At the Oxford Rehabilitation Center, we're proud to offer a multidisciplinary rehabilitative team including chiropractors, physical therapists, and physicians working together to create customized solutions for our patients' dysfunction. We're confident in our services and believe we can help you and your loved ones find drug-free relief that promotes full body wellness.

Doctor talking to a patient about spinal health and treatment options.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care primarily involves gentle and targeted joint adjustments administered to areas in your spine with mobility restrictions and misalignments. Adjustments stimulate spinal realignment and hormone-mediated pain relief. It can improve the overall function of your central nervous system, too (influencing all aspects of your health, from metabolism to mental function).

Physical Therapy

Our doctor of physical therapy, Dr. Wendy Wang, helps her patients heal from conditions like back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and sciatica through rehabilitative services including therapeutic exercises. Exercises are custom-prescribed for tissue healing, pain relief, improved strength and range of motion, and so on. Get an individualized home exercise program to maximize your healing in between visits.


This is an ancient healing tradition that has been used to help manage everything from asthma to migraines to weight management difficulties. Acupuncture involves thin sterile needles inserted into the skin (our patients note it's virtually painless) which, once inserted, trigger the release of intracellular healing molecules to reduce pain and revitalize injured tissues. 

Aquatic Therapy

For people dealing with a sports injury or related problems, aquatic therapy can be a fantastic tool to guide healing. Being in the water allows you to perform weight-bearing activity with less relative load on your joints, giving you the chance to work on a range of motion, strength, and aerobic endurance without overloading your healing tissues.


This modality uses specialized tape on soft tissue structures to stimulate increased circulation in the area, relieving pain and tension as well as accelerating healing. Perfect for athletes!


Therapeutic ultrasound uses sound waves to non-invasively interact with soft tissues about 1-3 centimeters below the skin. It can be prescribed to provide increased circulation, reduced pain, reduced spasms, and reduced scar tissue formation. 


No, it's not just a luxury! We consider massage and soft tissue mobilization as essential elements to integrative healing since it can relieve muscle and fascial tension, increase circulation, improve range of motion, and promote mental wellness as well as physical wellness. 

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