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Busy outpatient rehab and chiropractic office is seeking a full-time team member to assist our Chiropractor and Physical Therapist.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

-Routing patients and taking vitals

-Carrying out practitioner orders of manual and active therapies (how to use equipment & explain benefits of equipment, manual )

-Applying passive modalities (e-stim, moist heat and cold packs, cold laser, Ultrasound etc)

-Assisting with documentation and entering patient’s data

We are looking for a motivated, fast learner and upbeat personality and be able to multitask. This position requires constant standing, walking and reaching, occasional bending, squatting, sitting and carrying. Applicant prefers have experiences in the following: at least 2-3 months experience in a HIGH VOLUME Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, or other medical Office.

Hours are MWF 9am-8:00 pm for 33 hours initially

Salary: $12.00 to $14.00 /hour, benefit package included.

PLEASE contact Wendy at 215-725-2000 or email your resume to

Getting our patients back to optimal health after sustaining an injury, experiencing trauma, or recovering from a surgical procedure is what we do here at Oxford Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia, PA. Our practice works from an integrated standpoint, as we have chiropractic physicians, acupuncturist, and physical therapist who coordinate their treatments to get the best results for our patients.

Unique Treatment Options

We specialize in making sure our patients receive the fast results possible. Because we use a combination of disciplines, we offer some of the most unique treatment options in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Some of the conditions successfully treated here at Oxford Rehabilitation Center include work-related injuries, Trauma, automobile injuries, sports injuries. We also treat patients suffering from overuse injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome for example. One of the things that makes us so unique is we also treat medical conditions directly related to age like osteoarthritis for instance. We also treat many acute and chronic conditions, as well as post-operative orthopedic conditions.

Combined Treatment Modalities

Our team of professionals here at Oxford Rehabilitation Center uses one or more treatment modalities to address the loss of joint or spinal movement, relieve pain, and reduce edema. The treatments used include but are not limited to: Ultrasound- We use Ultrasound with and without topical cortisone to increase the blood flow to the Deep muscle tissues as well as the tendons and ligaments. Ultrasound helps to relieve pain and relaxes the tissues Soft tissue mobilization- We use this to improve spinal range of motion as well as the range of motion of the joints. Most patients say they feel better almost instantly when this technique is used. Cardiovascular exercises- Not only helps to raise endurance levels, but it helps our patients either establish or return to a healthy lifestyle. Exercise also helps to suppress depression. Acid therapy modalities include ice or heat pack application to the injured areas. These packs are used in conjunction with electronic stimulation.

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Here at Oxford Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia, PA, our goal is to make sure our patients get better, no matter who they are or where they come from. Our experienced team members speak a host of different languages including but not limited to: Chinese Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Arabic, Italian, and Portuguese just to name a few. Give us a call today at 215-725-2000 to see what we can do to get you -moving in the right direction.


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